Industrial Ducting

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Do you need more performance from your existing process fans? Are you having problems with wear, maintenance or sound? AirClean's fan system engineers can provide the field analysis, design and installation services necessary to eliminate these problems via an engineered, system solution. Using Department-of-Energy-certified testing and analysis procedures, AirClean can gather the field data needed to properly assess your fan system.

AirClean's engineers provide expertise in fan system:

  • Field-performance testing
  • System design
  • Field-ducting modification
  • Maintenance reduction

Reliable Field Data
Using AMCA-certified, testing processes AirClean can determine what issues are being caused by your systems current configuration. Typical problem areas include:

  • Elbows/bends on fan inlets/discharge
  • Restrictive ducting
  • Heavily-throttled dampers
  • Improper fan design for application

System Design
AirClean uses 3D-modeling software to demonstrate the issues that are occurring in your fan systems. Engineered solutions are then modeled to outline the benefits that will be occur due to our modifications. Areas of improvement often include:

  • Increased-fan performance
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced-power consumption

Turnkey-Ducting Modifications
Most of our industrial customers have been asked to do more with less people. AirClean's experienced project management staff can manage your fan system retrofits from field measurement to start up of the modified, fan system.

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