High-Pressure, Skid-Mounted Fans

Skid Operation2

Eni Petroleum was installing a sub-sea floor, oil-pipeline bundle from an island off the coast of Alaska's North Slope. AirClean was contacted by Eni’s installation contractor, Price Gregory International (PGI), to discuss the potential of preheating the three-mile-long, piping bundle to prevent buckling of the bundle due to thermal growth of the pipeline as it was submerged into the sea floor.

AirClean worked with PGI’s pipeline engineer to develop a system that would use a pressure/vacuum system to transport 5,000 CFM of heated air through the pipeline. AirClean’s concept required multiple, in-line, high-pressure blowers and an air-to-air, heat exchanger to provide the 5,000 CFM at pressures over 200”wc

After Eni and PGI approved AirClean’s conceptual design, the expedited construction began to fabricate four, containerized skids that each contained three, high-pressure blowers and motor controls. AirClean met the expedited, equipment delivery date and then traveled to the North Slope to set up and operate the heating system through the pipeline installation.

"…It was a pleasure to work with Air Clean Technologies on this project. I can envision this technology being applicable to many pipeline-rehabilitation and new, strain-based designs…
Good luck in future ventures and please pass along our thanks to all your staff. ACT is a 'can do' firm!"

 L. Fernandez – Price Gregory International, Inc.