Marine, Flameless-Vapor Collection

FVOC Install3

A large, oil company was required by the Port of Long Beach to capture oil vapor discharged from its tanks during loading processes. AirClean was contacted by the Seattle maritime engineering firm, Glosten Associates, to bid on the fabrication of two, flameless, vapor-collection skids that each housed two, removable, carbon-based, oil-vapor-capture systems. 

AirClean’s engineers and fabricators worked with Glosten during the skid-design phase to minimize the skid footprint, and optimize worker safety and operating access. Upon completion of the design phase, AirClean was selected to fabricate the skids for installation during the tanker’s upcoming visit to the shipyard. 

Each skid’s two-carbon canisters were outfitted with 316SS piping and had integral, isolation and control valves. The final systems also integrated a gas-analyzer cabinet, sample lines and safety features. Upon completion of the skid fabrication, AirClean hosted a functional test of the systems in its Seattle, fabrication facility with Chevron, Glosten, U.S. Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping in attendance to ensure that the skids met all of the regulatory requirements.


"AirClean's skids and fabrication were excellent. Our customer's delivery schedule was met allowing them to complete their scheduled stay at the shipyard without delay avoiding costly impact on the ship's upgrade budget."

Kevin Reynolds, Glosten Associates