Military Fume-Collection Skids


Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is actively involved in deconstructing retired U.S. submarines. The deconstructing process emits large amounts of fume that the Navy needed to capture and collect. The shipyard used large tent enclosures to help capture the fume and solicited a bid for the design and fabrication of large, industrial fume collectors. 

AirClean used its in-house Solidworks 3D-design software to draw plans for the integration of:

  • 20,000 CFM spark arrestor and high-efficiency, cartridge collector from United Air Specialists
  • Cincinnati Fan induced draft fan with discharge silencer
  • AirClean motor and cleaning control system
  • 20’ x 16’ x 10’ Structural skid for forklift and crane moving

AirClean was awarded a contract to build 12 fume-collection skids. Due to the size of the skids, the structural members were fabricated in AirClean’s Seattle fabrication facility and then assembled at the shipyard by AirClean’s field crews.